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How To Stay Positive In Uncertain Times

In times like these it’s easy to become discouraged, frustrated and lose hope. We worry about our health, brood over our finances and lose sleep over our future.

It’s natural to get sucked down into a rabbit hole (sorry rabbits) of darkness and despair, from where it’s hard to find your way up into the light again. I know.

But please don't, ... just stop ... and make a conscious effort to head the other way, to stay in the light, focus on (inner) warmth and love, and fuel up on positive energy.


Here are some suggestions of what might help you:

1. START to move your body.

Walk or jog outside or if you can’t go outside, open your windows and stretch, do some yoga, dance or just do some deep-breathing. It will calm your nerves and stop your thoughts going in circles. It’s actually a great practice to start the day, as it will fuel your energy and feed your optimism.

Walking your dog is a great option too, as it's a win-win for doggie and you. But be careful to overstrain your dog, if you got an unbalanced ratio of people vs. dog - as is the case in my family right now :-) - ... he/she might appreciate some rest in between walkies


2. START to find the positive in the negative.

If you’re stuck at home right now, think of ways to use this ‘confinement’ in a productive way. What were the things you wanted to do around the house for ages, but didn’t get around to do?

Spring-cleaning for example (did I just say this myself… oh my, … that reminds me…), sorting out your basement, your attic, your kitchen drawers, your cupboards, the black-hole under your bed… lot’s to do there, right?

Working in your garden may be another option, if you’ve got one, and a great way to be outside and keep yourself busy, too. OR fixing up the bicycles in your garage or the broken truck in the backyard? Maybe even re-painting your old desk or re-tiling your bathroom? The list of possibilities is endless.


3. START to actively search for positive energy and soak it up.

Think of who or what always makes you feel good, … makes you laugh. 


What about that movie that cracks you up laughing every time you watch it? Or the book that’s written with this weird humor that you just love? Or your friend, that drops these funny jokes at every corner of the conversation?

Seek out these people & activities regularly to keep your positivity up, even better see it as your daily prescription to keep yourself healthy and happy.


4. START to do ‘some good’ yourself.

It’s scientifically proven that even some random act of kindness creates ‘feel-good’ hormones not only in the person on the receiving end, but also in the person giving it. It’s a win-win.

So look out for opportunities to help someone in your family, amongst your friends, your neighbor, or some local organization, that supports people that are in need right now. There is so much you can do, just start, somewhere, … and be part of the light and the love.


5. START to think forward - positively - to ‘after-Corona-times’.

They will come, even if you’re doubtful that this will be soon… There will be a time when things will be (kind of) normal again, so why not prepare for it.  

And while you're at is, why not think ahead positively, why not dream a little?


Is there something you can do now, that will help you tremendously later, ... by planning forward. What would you like to keep doing afterwards, that you really enjoyed doing during this 'confinement time'?


Or think even bigger: is there something you've always dreamt of doing, but never had the time, courage or just the believe you could/would do it? Maybe this is the right time now, to dare, plan for and make some long-held dream come true! 


I hope I could bring some light and positive energy into your life.


If you like you can download your "Checklist For Staying Positive" by clicking the button below.

Wishing you all the best,


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