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Terms & Conditions:

All rights of ALL the material presented in this course remain exclusively with Claudia & Wynand du Plessis of TAKE BETTER PHOTOS IN NAMIBIA.

Our Terms-of-Service are that we give you as a paid member access to our online photography course TAKE BETTER PHOTOS IN NAMIBIA to view the content for your personal use only. You have permanent access for paid content as long as you choose to be a member. We will try to maintain this website as long as possible, but cannot guarantee that it will be available during all our life-time. Currently the website is hosted via WIX, and although we cannot take responsibility for their services, we’ll do everything in our power to keep the site up and running.

We retain the copyright and all rights to all material, and you may not share it in any way to anyone or to any location apart from your own computer or mobile device. Therefore, you are not allowed to share, distribute, market, print any content or any parts thereof, or copy and duplicate it in any way. Not digitally and not through any other means. Sharing any links of any files to anyone (being a person or a device) is also protected under the same copyright and “all rights reserved” conditions stated here.

You may download the PDF files onto your own computer for personal viewing only as defined above. The training videos are not downloadable, and it is illegal to attempt to copy these videos in any way. It is only to be viewed online through our website.

You will keep your login password hidden from anyone, and are always responsible for it not getting into the wrong hands (which are people that have not sign up with us & paid for the course).

We retain the right to cancel your membership at any time if we have proof that you have shared our material illegally.

Any user reviews submitted to our website can be quoted by us for marketing purposes.


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