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Welcome to Take Better Photos in Namibia!

Hello, dear passionate photographer, welcome to our online course. We’re so excited you’re here & are very much looking forward to our online journey together!

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Here are a few words about how to best navigate our course:

On this home page, you find a more detailed description of all course modules (scroll down for more info).


On the top menu bar, which stays visible throughout the course pages, you find links to the modules for the Wildlife Photography Course (modules 1 to 8), the Landscape Photography Course (modules 1 to 4 and 9 & 10), and the Full Course (all 10 modules). 

On each module page you find a module video and various resources for the module, such as pdf downloads, the video presentation slides & transcript, and maps of Namibia (when downloading the pdf files please rename them to the appropriate product name, as the hosting site unfortunately gives the files a random download name).

If you’ve got any questions, please send an email (see ‘Contact’).

Now enjoy our course & the preparation for your upcoming photo trip to Namibia!

Wishing you amazing photo opportunities & images on your Namibia journey,

Claudia & Wynand du Plessis


Module 1

Module 1:

Namibia in a nutshell

In Module 1 you’ll get valuable insider knowledge about Namibia’s weather & the photographic conditions throughout the year as well as the best photo times. You’ll learn how to best experience Namibia’s magic, and which crucial travel mistakes you should avoid at all costs to not spoil your photographic journey.

Module 2

Module 2:

Photographic highlights in Namibia

In Module 2 you’ll get an extensive visual overview of the best photo spots in Namibia together with valuable, photo relevant information. This will help you design your dream Namibia trip around your favoured destinations. 

Module 3

Module 3:

Photographic equipment

In Module 3 you’ll find out which camera, lenses & accessories you should bring to Namibia & which important features your equipment must have, so you have a great photographic experience in Namibia & won’t miss great photo opportunities.

Module 4

Module 4:

The secrets to taking stunning photos

in Namibia 

In Module 4 you’ll discover a variety of ways to compose & capture truly extraordinary images in Namibia. You’ll learn about special nature scenes, events & wildlife behavior in Namibia, that make for truly amazing photographs, and how you can use light & various creative ways to capture truly stunning images.

Module 5

Module 5:

Wildlife Photography in Etosha

Inside knowledge of where to find & photograph wildlife

In Module 5  you’ll get to know the grand dynamics within Etosha’s ecosystem as well as the wildlife’s seasonal & daily habits. This will help you to know where to find & photograph its charismatic animals.

Module 6

Module 6:

Wildlife Photography in Etosha

Your photographic routine & photo gear settings for

best wildlife shots

In Module 6 you’ll hear about the specific conditions & regulations in Etosha that will affect your wildlife photography. You’ll also learn the best photo routines & photo gear settings that will enable you to capture Etosha’s wildlife in stunning images.

Module 7

Module 7:

Wildlife Photography in Etosha

Adding creativity to your photos

In Module 7 you’ll discover which light situations in Etosha will greatly inhance you wildlife photography there, and which photographic techniques & ways of composing will transform your images into captivating works of art. 

Module 8

Module 8:

Wildlife Photography in Etosha

Make the most of specific photo situations to get the best wildlife shots

In Module 8 you’ll get our best insider information on which behaviors of Etosha’s wildlife are especially photogenic and how to read the signs, so that you can anticipate and capture these great wildlife behaviors in amazing images.

Module 9

Module 9:

Landscape photography in the

Sossusvlei area

Your photographic routine & photo gear settings for best landscape shots

In Module 9 you discover the photo hot spots of the Sossusvlei area & which photo highlights you can expect during your time of visit. You’ll also get our best tips on how to plan your photo trips in the area, and which photo gear settings to use for magnificent desert images.

Module 10

Module 10:

Landscape photography in the

Sossusvlei area

Adding creativity to your photos

In Module 10 you’ll discover how to best use the magical desert light for your landscape photography and how to compose & capture the desert’s magnificence in truly stunning images.

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